Hannah C. Griggs

educator, graduate student, digital humanist

Hannah C. Griggs is currently a first year PhD student at Emory University in Atlanta. She holds an MA in English literature from Boston College and a BA in English literature and Spanish from Loyola University New Orleans. As a Master’s student, she became fascinated by the ways in which food and eating shape our perceptions of historical space. Her primary focus of study lies in foodways, nineteenth and twentieth century American literature, and the global South. 


This interest sparked the creation of Intemperance.org, a digital archive of drinking culture in New Orleans. She is also a guest curator at The Museum of the American Cocktail, where she has an interactive exhibit that maps Prohibition raids in New Orleans between 1919 and 1933. Her work has been featured in New Orleans & Me, and she recently spoke about her research in Prohibition-era New Orleans in Cocktail History Podcast.

You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or GitHub.


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